Gigabit Internet Solution GPON is the leading fiber access technology for delivering residential, business, and mobile backhaul services

There are various types of residential (MDU, SDU) and in-house cable environments (telephone lines, UTP cables, and optical cables). HFR enables all of these environments to provide Gigabit Internet services (500M, 1G to the home). Wired terminals can access the Internet at speeds up to 1 Gbps and wireless terminals up to 1.7 Gbps. HFR provides an end-to-end Gigabit Internet solution from OLT to ONU, ONT, CPE, and WiFi AP.

Gigabit Internet solutions Gigabit Internet Solution Architecture

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OUR CUSTOMERS HFR has stability and growth potential as it has a market-leading carrier as its final customers both at home and abroad.

Supplied Broadband Access Solution to SK Broadband Subscriber network equipment market share to SK Broadband in 2018 is around 50%. Contributing stable service / expansion for Tier-1 operator (XGS-PON, 2P 500M solution, Wi-Fi6).