RF coaxial dispersion system H-DAS The H-DAS supports WCDMA/LTE service using an RF coaxial cable in an in-building.


  • RF coaxial distributed system that supports 3G and LTE services utilizing existing Legacy infrastructure
  • 2G CDMA, GSM bypass and WCDMA, LTE service-enabled coaxial distributed systems
  • Multi-sector support, RF interface by sector, and re-combination of channel allocation
  • RF coaxial sharing and new frequency service using IF frequency
  • In-Building Integrated RF Anna System (DAS) utilizes 2G Infra installed in the base building to minimize infrastructure redundant investment and enable 2G/3G to be simultaneously serviced when deploying new services
  • The purpose of the Chapter is to reduce traffic distribution, coverage, and service shading areas by accommodating 4 Sector 
  • 3FA acceptable and available to all WCDMA operators in the band 
  • A system implemented to add LTE services using an extended RU
H-DAS is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access


  • Features

    • Supported frequency

       - 800 MHz: CDMA, 900 MHz: GSM bypass

       - 1.8 GHz: GSM bypass

       - 2.1 GHz: WCDMA, LTE

       - 2.6 GHz: LTE, LTE-A

    • Inter-device Interface: RF & IF, coaxial
    • Baseband Interface

       - CDMA, WCDMA: RF interface

       - LTE, LTE-A: RF interface

    • Multi-sector, Multi-RAT, Multi-Band support
    • Reduce operator OPEX/CAPEX costs using existing infrastructure
    • Power supply via Coaxial Cable
    • Systems capable of future LTE service deployment (2 Sector, MIMO)   
    • Management and control of remote systems through NMS Server
  • Applications

    • Mobile Access (Inbuild Coaxial Distributed Antenna) Service
    • CDMA, WCDMA, LTE & LTE-A Radio Frequency Service
    • Multi-sector, Multi-band Support
    • Systems that can provide new services with minimal network-building investment (share existing infrastructure)


    OAM and Maintainability

    • NMS Protocol
    • RF coaxial, frequency modulation Control & Management Protocol

RF coaxial dispersion system H-DAS Applications


Parameter H-DAS
Frequency 860 - 890 MHz (FDD) 1810 - 1880 MHz (FDD) 2110 - 2170 MHz (FDD)
Sector/Interface 4 sector / RF interface
Transmission Distance (MU - RU) Max. 30 dB ( about 340 meters @ ½” feeder)
Dimension (W x H x D) MU : 444 X 89 X 430 mm(19” 2U ) RU : 210 X 297 X 90 mm
Weight MU : less than 14Kg , RU : 7Kg
Power Consumption MU : max. 45W , RU : max. 38W

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