802.11ac 4x4 Wave2 Wi-Fi AP H824G
GE Uplink
GE LAN Ports
Gbps (Wi-Fi)


H824G is a device with IEEE802.11ac Wave2 2T*2R AP equipment. It is best used for home Internet, IPTV and ideal for small spaces including hotel rooms and university dormitories.


It also can be used as a multiple terminal service for Zone AP.


H824G supports optimal performance and QoS by providing various services. By using the handover function, it minimizes disconnection. It is compatible with various terminals such as set-top boxes, smartphones, WiFi-phones and others.

H824G is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Broadband Access


    • WAN: 1 x 100 / 1000BASE-T port
    • LAN: 4 x 10 / 100 / 1000BASE-T ports
    • IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2, Dual Band, 4T*4R
    • Supports MU-MIMO
    • Max. throughput: 2.4GHz 600Mbps, 5GHz 1.7Gbps

802.11ac 4x4 Wave2 Wi-Fi AP H824G APPLICATIONS


Parameter H824G
Hardware Memory : 256MB (Flash) / 1GB (DDR3) Ethernet port - WAN (100 / 1000) - LAN (10 / 100 / 1000) support ANT Gain / EA : 5dBi / 6dBi (2.4G / 5G) / 4EA USB2.0, Hi-Speed USB 3.0 supported LED : Power, WAN, LAN1 4, 2.4G, 5G
Capacity & Performance WiFi Rate : 600Mbps (2.4GHz), 1.7Gbps (5GHz) Concurrent Access Criteria : Up to 512 Client per AP S / W, H / W NAT (supports 64byte full wired speed) IGMP 64 groups NAT DHCP client up to 252 IPv4, IPv6 11ac MU-MINO
QoS QoS (support DSCP, ToS, 802.1p) Support Rate limit per port Smart Reset (Wireless channel optimization) Wireless bridge (Repeater), interference control Interference reduction function Operation management function support (SNMP)
Security DDoS Security function (TCP Syn attack, Port Scan defense) Wired Security / Blocking function - Broadcast Storm Control, SNMP Attack defense - MAC Filtering, IP / ARP Spoofing Prevention Wireless Authentication / Security - 64 / 128 bit WEP, WPA / WPA2 PSK, WPA-PSK /WPA2-PSK
Physical Dimensions (mm) 6 (W) × 39 (H) × 160 (D)
Environmental Specs Operating Temperature: -5°C - 50°C Storage Temperature: -30°C - 60°C Operating Humidity (non- condensing): 20% - 90%

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