5G-PON xHaul Solution Family of Semi-Passive 5G Fronthaul Platforms

5G-PON is next-generation xHaul solution with specialized technologies including Passive (Non-Powered) Redundant network lines and capable of supporting and integrating 5G, LTE.
5G-PON enables easier delivery of broader coverage for the LTE and 5G cellular network rollouts by being able to simply install base stations and antennas without having to install additional distribution or transport networks.
With the adoption of passive optical networking in the transport network, 5G-PON does not require an additional power supply for installation and can reduce the size of device/equipment when compared to the traditional transport network. Whereas traditional transport networks remote nodes would require inside the premises for stable power supply, 5G-PON remote nodes can be installed outdoor setting as the power supply is not required.
5G-PON can also be deployed in protected ring architectures for resilience, for example, if a line is disconnected, the connectivity is still delivered via an alternative line. As the central office has the knowledge of the order and location of the remote site nodes, 5G-PON ensures a seamless service by performing equalization of delay arising from optical path differences while executing ring protection switching within 50ms when a fiber is cut.
Overall, the 5G-PON solution reduces networking costs by reusing existing fiber and optical filters while expanding capacity to support different and growing traffic streams.

Semi-Passive WDM xHaul Solution 5G-PON xHaul Solution Architecture

Key Benefits

  • Multi Service Protocol Support for 5G

    Support service protocol such as CPRI, OBSAI, eCPRI, ROE, xRAN


    Speed-Up Deployment

    Operators expands their network capacity in a flexible and efficient manner

  • Save Remote Site Cost

    • Passive Remote Nodes required no or less Space / Power / Additional-equipment
    • Provide a high level of satisfaction when installing outdoor
  • Service Sustainability

    • Service reliability through ring topology and delay equalizer operation
    • Ensure automatic and manual switching modes for link failure


    Save Fiber

    Minimizing the installation of new fiber infrastructure and cuts operation and maintenance costs

OUR CUSTOMERS HFR has stability and growth potential as it has a market-leading carrier as its final customers both at home and abroad.

Supplied 5G-PON and 5G-MUX to SK Telecom Currently commercially operated on SK Telecom network.