flexiHaul WDM xHaul Solution 5G/4G xHaul (fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul) Solution based on Transparent WDM Transport

flexiHaul is a flexible, reliable and efficient xHaul transport solution that provides a single distribution network for both 4G and 5G.
The flexiHaul solution is a cost-effective, highly flexible, and scalable family of transport units that delivers a broad range of xHaul (fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul) services on a single platform via CWDM/ DWDM over dark fiber.
The WDM xHaul platform has an integrated transponder, controller and WDM filter, and it offers a variety of performance, quality measurement and monitoring capabilities.

- Provides active, semi-passive and passive transparent transport of all protocols (e.g. CPRI/OBSAI/eCPRI/RoE/Ethernet).
- Can be configured for point-to-point, linear chain, point-to-multipoint or ring network topologies.
- A modular structure that can expand and replace various transponders as 5G deployments and traffic increase to minimize the initial investment and protects future investments.
- Delivers 4G traffic (CPRI up to CPRI 8) and 5G traffic (eCPRI, ROE, xRAN up to 25Gbps) together over a single platform and fiber path.

The HSN8500NA is efficiently managed by the HSN8800 Element Management System (EMS) which provides the necessary tools for both traffic provisioning and overall system monitoring.

WDM xHaul Solution flexiHaul WDM xHaul Solution Architecture

Key Benefits

  • 5G Fronthaul: 25G eCPRI

    The ROE3J 3-port plug-in transponder card offers a fast upgrade path to 5G transport with support at 25 Gbps for ROE, eCPRI, Ethernet and xRAN protocols.


  • 4G + 5G Unified Transport

    The HSN8000NA family supports co-existence with 4G CPRI and 5G Ethernet services on the same platform and fiber paths.


  • Compact, Modular Architecture

    The flexible modular architecture accommodates various technologies to minimize the initial investment and provide future investment protection.


    OAM and Maintainability

    The HSN8500NA is efficiently managed by the HSN8800 EMS, which provides the necessary tools for both traffic provisioning and overall system monitoring.

flexiHaul WDM xHaul PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Model Comparison (PDF)

WDM xHaul

Supported Transponders for HSN8000NA

OUR CUSTOMERS HFR has stability and growth potential as it has a market-leading carrier as its final customers both at home and abroad.

Supplied 4G Fronthaul to SK Telecom Currently commercially operated on SK Telecom network.