Universal OLT HL7306


The HL7306 system is an OLT device for building B2B/B2C ultra-broadband and supports various multimedia services such as voice, Internet, and video. Existing subscriber equipment, such as xDSL or cable modem, had the disadvantage of slowing down the transmission speed when the number of subscribers increased or the installation distance increased. it's possible.


The HL7306 system is an optical subscriber equipment using XGS-PON (10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric PON) and G-PON (Gigabit-capable PON) optical transmission technology that supports multi-drop, enabling economical and efficient use of optical lines. In addition, it provides stable high speed Internet service by using only passive optical devices in the optical network connecting the national office and each ONU or ONT.


The HL7306 system selectively accommodates up to 48 XGS-PON interfaces and up to 48 G-PON interfaces, and when Combo-PON unit is applied, each 48 G-PON and XGS-PON can be accommodated at the same time. And it provides up to 16 10 GbE Uplink interfaces. In particular, by supporting XGS-PON transmission technology, it is possible to provide uplink/downlink 10 Giga high speed Internet service to subscribers. The HL7306 system can be installed in a 19-inch standard rack and has a height of 6U (266 mm), providing high transmission efficiency compared to the area occupied by the equipment.


The HL7306 system supports Layer 2 switching function as well as Layer 3 switching function and supports multicast function for IPTV service. Supports QoS (Quality of Service) function to provide traffic control function according to subscriber's application. Through time synchronization of IEEE 1588v2 and Sync-E (Synchronous Ethernet) functions, it provides a specialized solution applicable to mobile backhaul.


The HL7306 system provides high equipment availability by maximizing system uptime by applying a redundant design for switching, power supply and FAN.


The figure below shows an example network configuration using the HL7306.


Parameter HL7306
Switching Performance 1001.7 Mpps packet forwarding rate (64 bytes, unidirectional) 3.2 Tbps switching capacity (bidirectional)
Unit Configuration SCU(x2) : Switching & Control Unit GP8: 8 ports G-PON Unit, Max 6 Unit XG8: 8 ports XGS-PON Unit, Max 6 Unit CP8: 8 port Combo-PON Unit, Max 6 Unit XT8(x2): 8 ports 1/10 GE Uplink Unit FAU(x2): FAN Assembly Unit PSU(x2): Power Supply Unit (DC Type)
Port Configuration Max 48 ports G-PON Max 48 ports XGS-PON Max 48 ports XGS-PON & G-PON Max 16 ports 10 GE uplink
SCU ARM quad-core, 1.6 GHz 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM Module 4 MB SPI NOR flash / 2 GB NAND Flash Switching fabric
PIU-GP8 ARM core processor 2 GB DDR4 SDRAM 4 MB SPI NOR flash / 1 GB NAND flash G-PON MAC 8 ports G-PON I/F(SFP)
PIU-XG8 ARM Dual Core 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM module 4 MB SPI NOR flash / 1 GB NAND flash XGS-PON MAC 8 ports XGS-PON I/F(SFP+)