5G Radio Unit 5G vRAN - Radio Unit Support O-RAN function split 7-2 / eCPRI


5G In-building Radio distribution requires both of Capacity and Coverage. HFR has deployed the hybrid solution by integrating ORAN’s 7.2X and Shared cell services for DAS features.

Radios are flexible with Active Antenna Unit (AAU) and Passive Remote Unit (PRU).

Fronthaul Gateway has a standard interface with eCPRI/CPRI and grouping layers with copy and merge for DAS functions.

  • Supports CPRI/eCPRI & 5G 4T4R
  • O-RAN Standard Interface Support
  • Auto Configuration and Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Flexible Configuration for Multi-vendors, Multi-frequency Environment
  • CBRS Alliance certified radio units have been commercially available and under large scale field testing.
  • Strand mount, outdoor attach, indoor type radio units are ready


5G vRAN - Radio Unit is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Private 5G

5G Radio Unit

  • 5G vRAN - Radio Unit (PRU, high power)



    A system that supports 5G 4T4R, consumes less than 750 W of power, and adopts a forced convection method (with an external fan) for heat dissipation. It supports various frequency bands such as 800MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz, 2.6GHz, 3.6GHz~3.8GHz, 4.6GHz~4.8GHz (Max 200MHz support).

  • 5G vRAN - Radio Unit (AAU, low power)





    A system that supports 5G 4T4R, the power consumption is less than 60 W, the heat dissipation is air-cooled using a fan. It is designed to be easy to install on the ceiling/wall in the in-building. A system that can expand the 4T4R, 30dBm (Total), 200MHz band, and is a commercially proven equipment for SK Telecom Network.

O-RAN Standard Interface Support

HFR’s my5G solution implements vRAN and O-RAN to significantly reduce the building/operation cost of a Private 5G network.


4G C-RAN consists of RRH and BBU, and the two are connected using a proprietary fronthaul interface (CPRI). RRH and BBU were also developed as proprietary H/W and S/W. As a result, RRH and BBU from different vendors are not interoperable, so a small number of RAN vendors monopolize the expensive RAN market.

In order to reduce the high front-hole cost of the RRH and BBU architecture, 5G RAN subdivides the RAN functions into RU, DU, and CU and performs some PHY functions executed by the BBU to the RU. In 5G era, mmWave and Massive MIMO are adopted to provide 10 times more BW than 4G. That is, RAN equipment has mass-capacity and is high-priced. Therefore, when building 5G RAN, using proprietary equipment and connecting between RU and DU with a proprietary interface, as in 4G RAN, the cost of building 5G network increases sharply.


HFR's 5G RAN virtualizes DUs and CUs, uses standard COTS servers for H/W, and virtualized NFs (DUs, CUs) are installed in containers on COTS servers to reduce building and operation costs and enabling capacity expansion quick and easy compared to dedicated equipment (vRAN). In addition, HFR's RU and DU implement the O-RAN 7.2x specification standardized in O-RAN alliance in 2019 to interwork with RU and DU of other vendors, overcoming the existing RAN vendor lock problem and enabling fast and inexpensive building of 5G RAN (O-RAN).



Parameter 5G vRAN - Radio Unit
5G vRAN - Radio Unit (PRU, high power) MIMO/Interface : 4T4R / CPRI / eCPRI (O-RAN Function Split 7-2x) Dimension (W x H x D): 600 x 430 x 210 mm Weight: less than 30 kg Power Consumption (DL : UL = 4 : 1): less than 750 W Heat dissipation method: Forced convection method (with external fan) Exterior Port - Upper Body of System: ANT 0/1/2/3 (mini DIN-type Female), SFP Insert(KFBG 16), FAN2 (ground type) connector (MS3102A-20-27S) - Upper Body of Door: Battery connection connector (MS 3102A 18-1S), AC power connector (MS 3102A 22-2P) - Lower Body of System: FAN1 (for in-building) connector (MS3102A-20-27S) Power: AC 220V Operating temperature/humidity - 40 - +55oC / 5% - 90%
5G vRAN - Radio Unit (AAU, low power) MIMO/Interface : 4T4R / CPRI / eCPRI (O-RAN Function Split 7-2x) Dimension (W x H x D): ø 265.5 x 59 mm Weight: less than 2.5 kg Power Consumption: 60W Antenna Type: Ceiling type (Omni, ≥ 3 dBi), Wall type (Patch, ≥ 8 dBi) Reset: CPU Reset LED: 3-Color LED - Normal : Blue - No Service : Red - Alarm (output lower limit/ PD lower limit/ BIP): Blue + Red (Purple) - Wireless remote monitoring connection status: Blue/Red blinks alternately Heat dissipation method: Air cooling type using FAN Power: DC -48V Operating Temperature/ Humidity: Low Temperature -5°c - High Temperature +55°c (Humidity 90%)

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