Passive, 4G+5G Fronthaul 5G-MUX P2P Passive WDM with Fiber Monitoring for 4G/5G Fronthaul: Use existing passive optical network (for LTE, optic relay) without new investment for 5G Integration management for Passive Optical Network Solution


5G-MUX that is a smart MUX system, is composed of passive MUXs, line monitoring unit and line protection switching unit. 


Two passive MUXs are located at each different sites such as CO and RN. The line supervisor and line protection switch are installed in the 5G-PON COT system, and provide functions to monitor the status of the line and to provide sustainable service. 


5G-MUX not only utilize existing legacy fiber infra using CWDM sub-channel technology in O-band but also accommodate 8 channel per cell site.

5G-MUX is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access

Key Benefits

  • Speed-up Deployment


    • Operators expands their network capacity in a flexible and efficient manner
    • Deploy on the existing 4G network that does require additional fiber deployment
  • Multi-Service Protocol Support for 5G


    • Support service protocol such as CPRI, OBSAI, eCPRI
  • Service sustainability


    •  Provide line protection for failure, and monitoring and management feature
  • Save Remote site cost


    • Passive that required no or less Space / Power / additional equipment
    • Provide a high level of satisfaction when installing outdoor

Passive WDM 5G-MUX Applications


Parameter 5G-MUX
MUX Specifications Wavelength: 1260 - 1620nm 5G NR Wavelength: 1290nm DWDM 150GHz , 17 x Wavelengths (1 wavelength is allocated for monitoring) Insertion Loss(Link Loss): Max. 7dB(P2P) Isolation: Min 22dB
Redundancy Unit Specifications Node Capability: Up to 2 nodes Communication Cable Monitoring Wavelengths: 8 x 5G NR UL Wavelengths, Real-time Monitoring Transfer Time: Max 50ms Transfer Type: Auto / Manual supports, Non-returnability
Communication Cable Monitoring Unit Specifications Port support Capability: supports 8 Port (1:8 Optic Switch) Functions: - Measures RN distance, and manages RN Nodes - Monitors the quality of the Communication line (BIP Monitoring)

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