5G SA vCore 5G SA vCore Compact and fully virtualized 5G vCore is standards-based solution
concurrent sessions
Supported gNBs (CU)
Throughput (Gbps)
Signaling (CPS)


A system optimized for On-Premise installation by implementing all 5G Core functions in 1Box COTS Server. Additionally, it supports container-based virtualization. Enabling a cloud installation environment to support a more flexible network structure. Using Intel DPDK Solution, we realized a high-performance packet processing, and minimized signaling latency by optimizing message flow between control plane functions.


  • 5G Core system supporting 3GPP 5G NR Rel 15
  • Optimized structure for on-premise installation, implementing 5G Core NF on 1Box COTS Server
  • Container-based virtualization structure, easy to build and maintain system in cloud environment
  • CAPEX reduction through the use of COTS HW, variety of deployments according to virtualization, and high-performance packet processing through DPDK are supported.    
  • Integrated 3GPP core elements: AMF, SMF, UPF, NRF, NSSF, PCF, CHF, etc.
  • Supports small cells and macro cells 
  • Scalable from embedded single channel devices to several thousands of simultaneous media sessions.
  • Supports network slicing features
  • Supports various installation models with Docker Container-based virtualization

On-Premise Installation: COTS server (HP, DELL, etc.) installation

Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)-based installation environment support

  • Various types of HW configuration support

All NF can be installed on One Server

NF can be distributed and installed according to the purpose

  • DPDK technology applied 

High-capacity, high-efficiency packet processing support

5G SA vCore is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Private 5G


Parameter 5G SA vCore
Performance Concurrent connected user - Registration criteria: 20,000 subscribers - Number of concurrent sessions: 40,000 Supported gNB count: 20 CUs Throughput: 40 Gbps (Downlink 20G + Uplink 20G, 512 bytes per packet) Signaling: 200 CPS (Registration flow base) Max Flows: 40,000 Simultaneously HA (Redundancy): Stand-Alone or Active-Active(optional) Virtualization: Docker Container Based Virtualization - CPF(AMF/SMF/PCF/UDM/CHf/NRF/NSSF), UPF, DSF, EMS
Hardware (HP DL380 G10) CPU: Intel Xeon 20 Cores x 2 CPU (physical 40 cores) RAM: 64GB (16GB x 4) HDD: 1.2TB (600GB x 4) – raid 1+0 Port: 1G RJ45 x 4 (on server), 25G SFP28 x 2 (DPDK NIC) OS: CentOS 7.6 DBMS: Maria DB

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