HR System

Establishes the foundation for the mutual trust, and strengthens the executive power of HR system Two-Way Communication
Positivity initiative Settling the system through active communication of the improved system and let the system practice itself
Mutual Trust MUTUAL TRUST Promote communications between colleagues, company and individuals, and division heads and members to identify HFR members' needs and build inner mutual trust
Human Resources HR SERVICE Improve the quality and quantity of prompt and close personnel service for internal customers by performing personnel management and responsibilities by business administration
  • Job Oriented Management
    Runs Job oriented HR management to establish HR infrastructure.

    Performs Job restructuring to clarify roles and requirements for each jobs to lay foundation for future evaluation, compensation and CDP.

    Long term perspective is required.

  • Performance-Oriented management
    Promote motivations through performance-oriented management rather than seniority and rank oriented one.

    Challenge the traditional seniority-oriented HR management and establish the management based on the individual's performance indicators to enable compensations proportionate to each member's performance; ultimately, motivates HFR members to enhance their performances.

  • Capability Oriented
    Promote the specialization of human capital and lay the foundation for performance creation by increasing individual professional capabilities

    Lay the foundation for competency development through competency modeling and secure connection with personnel systems such as evaluation, CDP, and education

    The organization seeks to improve the return on investment of human capital through systematic specialization.

    Individuals promote individual job value through systematic career development

    Both companies and individuals ultimately pursue a WIN-WIN result