Any-PON OLT HL7301


 The HL7301 system is an OLT System for B2B/B2C ultra-wideband and supports various services such as Internet access, voice, and video. The existing xDSL or cable-modem equipment had a disadvantage as the transmission distance increases, the bandwidth decreases. HL7301 is equipment that solves the problems of existing devices, and it is possible to configure a network in the form of FTTB  or FTTH as well.


 The HL7301 system is an optical subscriber equipment using XGS-PON(10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric PON) and G-PON (Gigabit-capable PON) optical transmission technologies that support multi-drop, enabling economical and efficient use of optical lines. In addition, it provides stable high-speed Internet services by using only passive optical devices in the optical distribution network connecting the Central office and each ONU or ONT.


 The HL7301 system supports 8 ports ANY-PON (*note1) or Combo-PON(*note2) interfaces on the same PON port. It also offers up to four 10/25 GbE uplink network interfaces. The HL7301 system can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack and is 1RU (44 mm) in height to efficiently utilize the front panel space of the rack.


 It supports Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 routing, and supports multicast functions for IPTV service. It supports QoS(Quality of Service) functions to provide traffic quality according to the subscriber's application. Through time synchronization of IEEE1588v2 and Sync-E (Synchronous Ethernet) functions, it provides a specialized application for mobile fronthaul and backhaul.

Key Features

    • 1RU Box type ANY-PON OLT
    • L2/L3+ Switching & Routing 
    • Supports 8 ports Combo-PON / ANY-PON (GPON, XGS-PON)
    • Supports 4 ports 10/25 GE uplink
    • 1+1 Redundant 2 PSUs and Support AC or DC
    • Hot-swappable FAUs and PSUs
    • IEEE 1588v2(PTP) supports(T-BC, Class C)


Parameter HL7301
Platform 1RU Box type Chassis - FAU(x2): FAN Assembly Unit - PSU(x2): Power Supply Unit, AC or DC Type
Performance 297 Mpps packet forwarding rate(@64 bytes) 400 Gbps switching capacity(full duplex)
System Port Configurations Max. 4 ports 10/25 GE(SFP28) Max. 8 ports ANY-PON or Combo-PON(SFP+)
Layer 2 Max. 4K VLAN, 32K L2 Table entry IEEE802.1q VLAN Tagging IEEE802.1p packet priority IEEE802.3ad Link Aggregation IEEE802.1d/w/s STP, RSTP, MSTP Loopback Detection Storm Control (broadcast/multicast/L2 DLF) Port Mirroring MAX MAC Control per port
Layer 3 Max. 16K Routing table entry (LPM) Max. 16K Host table entry (ARP) Static routing, Proxy-ARP IS-IS, OSPFv4/v6, BGPv4/v6