Business Platform for NaaS Fydena FYDENA is a business platform specifically for the NaaS business with numerous service providers and buyers. The purpose of FYDENA is to make the drafting and implementing of contracts including SLAs easy and automatic to meet the needs of service providers and buyers at low transaction costs.


Decentralized ledger system 

FYDENA is a decentralized system using blockchain and a platform on which participants can easily organize and manage their businesses. Blockchain is an immutable and append-only ledger that is essentially a consensus of replicated, shared and synchronized digital data spread across multiple nodes or peers. As described in Figure 4, the blockchain application for each node utilizes the functions provided by the blockchain framework and builds a peer-to-peer network among nodes. Therefore, whereas it easily achieves data integrity and transaction security by applying the inherent functionalities of the business blockchain framework, it also eliminates single points of failure and dissolves issues that can arise in dominant centralized platforms such as the monopoly of data and pricing control. Though every node in a business blockchain has the same ledger, confidential transaction data are available only to allowed nodes - for example, the nodes of contracting parties. Another advantage when using blockchain is the deployment of smart contracts. A smart contract is generated by programming the corresponding contract and can be executed automatically and safely by deploying to the blockchain.

Software defined business process

FYDENA comprises of four core functions based on blockchain optimized for the Naas business structure; automatic generation of smart contracts, service quality monitoring and verification, billing & payment, and service access control (see Figure 5).

Firstly, the natural language-based human-readable contract document is converted into a smart contract that is automatically generated and deployed onto the blockchain (see Figure 6).


Off-chain data integrity service

All of the data processed within the blockchain is secure. However, for the NaaS business process, it is critical to ensure that the events and data outside the blockchain (for example, quality monitoring, etc.) are securely processed and deployed onto the blockchain. FYDENA provides off-chain service functions to guarantee the integrity of the quality monitoring data by using anti-tampering and anomaly detection technologies. As shown in Figure 7, FYDENA compares the quality data measured on the end user device and the network server to detect the abnormal difference between them.

Fydena is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Private 5G

Key Features

  • FYDENA is a business platform for NaaS developed by HFR.

    • FYDENA ensures trustworthy and cost-efficient business transactions among NaaS (Network as a Service) providers, buyers, and platform providers.
    • FYDENA enables SLA(service level agreement)-based offerings to meet the needs and requirements of NaaS buyers.
    • FYDENA enlarges and secures business opportunities for NaaS providers with reduced costs.
  • FYDENA implements a software-defined business process.

    • FYDENA generates enforceable software (smart contracts) from natural language-based contracts, including SLA.
    • FYDENA executes smart contracts automatically and securely.
  • FYDENA can be applied to various types of NaaS business models.

    • FYDENA is to be applied to ‘Private 5G as a Service’ and ‘Neutral Host Service’ business models in the 5G era.
    • FYDENA can be easily customized for any other NaaS business applications.

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