5G In-building Low Power RU AAU The AAU can be operated on the ceiling/wall of 5G in-building and expandable to 4T4R, 30dBm (Total), 200MHz band. Currently commercially operated on SK Telecom network.


  • 4T4R 5G NR antenna integrated remote device
  • Includes open CPRI interface and bandwidth extension (max. 200 MHz).
  • A system capable of building an in-building distributed antenna network
  • Provides 5G NR 4T4R service in the 3.5GHz band
  • Provides ceiling/wall products that can be selected according to the in-building situation
  • Large output system to expand in-building coverage and increase capacity
  • 4T4R MIMO support for 5G Throughput increase
  • 5G NR 100MHz + 100MHz bandwidth expandable
  • 5G NR TDD timing synchronization support
AAU is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access


  • Features

    • Supported frequencies (5G NR): 3.6 GHz ~ 3.8 GHz
    • Optic Interface: CPRI (IQ Compression) 10Gbps
    • 5G NR 100 MHz + 100 MHz band extension provided (IBW 200 MHz)
    • Green Mode and Power Amp to reduce power consumption. Provide standby function
    • Self-installation & Measurement function provided
    • Service band waveform monitoring function provided
    • Provides Bluetooth connection method function
    • Provides remote monitoring function through gREMS server
    • Provides tilting for service coverage adjustment
  • Applications

    • Mobile Access (Indoor Distributed Antenna) Service
    • 5G NR Radio Frequency Service
    • 4T4R Active Antenna Remote Unit


    OAM and Maintainability

    • gREMS Protocol
    • CPRI Control & Management Protocol

5G In-building Low Power RU AAU Applications


Parameter AAU
Frequency 3.6GHz - 3.8GHz (Max 200MHz Support)
MIMO/Interface 4T4R / CPRI
Dimension 265mm(Ø) x 59mm(D)
Weight Less than 2.5 kg
Power Consumption 60W
Antenna Type Ceiling type (Omni, ≥ 3 dBi) Wall type (Patch, ≥ 8 dBi)

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