EMS for HSN8000NA series HSN8800NA The HSN8000NA series active WDM platforms are efficiently managed by the HSN8800 EMS, which provides the necessary tools for both traffic provisioning and overall system monitoring.


Carrier-Class EMS Enables Simplified Operations

HFR Networks’ flexiHaul Element Management System (EMS) offers full visibility and operational control into remotely deployed RAN transport and Ethernet access equipment.

Easy to install and operate, HFR Networks’ EMS greatly simplifies network operations. Pre-integrated with HFR Networks’ solutions, this highly scalable, carrier-class software solution runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware or in a cloud instance. This ensures operators can quickly install new services while also maintaining higher performance in order to exceed their customers’ service level agreements (SLAs).

Highly intuitive, the flexiHaul EMS helps optimize operations across a range of xHaul and Ethernet access service use cases, including mobile fronthaul/backhaul applications and converged Carrier Ethernet offerings.

HSN8800NA is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access


  • Integrated testing tools expedites service turn-up


    •  Verify fiber facility with latency test


    • BERT on fiber for performance
  • Proactive network maintenance


    •   PM distinguishes between optic and radio impacts


    • Simulate individual optic and radio performance impact

     - Set threshold alert for SLA

     - Reduce performance just below SLA but maintain connectivit

  • Low touch scaling through simple remote provisioning


    •  Multi-rate optics enable low-touch scaling


    Centralized inventory management


    •  Display network BOM

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