Ethical Management

What is Ethical Management? In addition to complying with economic and legal responsibilities, ethical management is reflecting the ethical standards required by social norms in corporate decision making and actions.
Additionally, it can be said that ethical management also includes philanthropic responsibility through social return of corporate profits.
Following the ethical standards set by social norms
Returning corporate profits to our society
Compliance with all domestic and foreign laws and regulations
Maintaining corporate permanence through making a continuous profit
Ethical Management
HFR Ethics Charter HFR code of ethics seeks to increase corporate value and co-prosperity with all stakeholders through management activities that comply with all regional and national laws and regulations.
With such in mind, HFR pledges to establish and practice a code that should be the ethical milestones of actions and valuations for all company members.
HFR Code of Ethics As members of the HFR, we shall increase corporate value through management activities that comply with the highest standards of ethics and laws of all regions and countries in which we operate and pursuing shared prosperity with all stakeholders.
Accordingly, we pledge to establish and actively practice the code of ethics, which is the principle of action and standards for correct value judgment that all executives and employees must observe.
  • 01 We value our customers and their satisfaction and their trust the most.
  • 02 We do our best to maximize the investment value of our shareholders and investors.
  • 03 We respect the dignity of our staff and endeavor to improve his/her quality of life.
  • 04 We pursue mutual prosperity and trust with our business partners.
  • 05 We respect the principles of free competition and strive to make our industry healthy and robust.
  • 06 We actively contribute to the prosperity of our nation and society as well as sustaining its environment.
  • 07 We share the concept of our Management Philosophy and fulfill our roles and responsibilities accordingly.