In-Building UTP DAS uRadio The uRadio is a DAS that supports WCDMA/LTE service using UTP cable in the in-building. Currently commercially operated on SK Telecom Network.


  • LTE, WCDMA distributed antenna integrated system
  • Cat. In-building construction using 5e cable
  • Power can be supplied with UTP cable using PoE
  • 1.8GHz LTE, 2.1GHz WCDMA & LTE service provided
  • Reduced infrastructure construction time by using Cat 5/5e cables
  • Convenient to carry, install, expand and relocate as Compact RU
  • RU PoE support, no separate power equipment required
  • Large output system to expand in-building coverage and increase capacity
  • Flexible MIMO (or Sector) service support
uRadio is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access


  • Features

    • Supported frequencies

        -1.8 GHz: LTE, LTE-A

        -2.1 GHz: WCDMA and LTE, LTE-A

    • Optic Interface: Digital frame (IQ Compression) 1Gbps
    • Baseband Interface

        -WCDMA: RF interface

        -LTE: IF interface

    • Provides Green Mode function to reduce power consumption
    • Built-in test function and waveform monitoring function provided
    • Automatic network configuration of equipment for each node (plug & play)
    • Provides remote monitoring function through IRCS server
    • RU Tilting up/down/left/right adapts to various in-building environments
    • Provide network configuration inquiry and performance measurement test result output function
  • Applications

    • Mobile Access (Indoor Distributed Antenna) Service
    • LTE & WCDMA Radio Frequency Service
    • UTP, PoE Distributed Radio System


    OAM and Maintainability

    • IRCS Protocol
    • Digital Radio Frame Control & Management Protocol

In-Building UTP DAS uRadio Applications


Parameter uRadio
Frequency 1805 - 1880 MHz 2110 - 2170 MHz
Interface RF/IF
Dimension MU : 444 X 66 X 359 mm(19” 1U ) HU : 360 X 450 X 150 mm RU : 180 X 180 X 46 mm
Weight MU : 15Kg , HU : 18Kg , RU : 1.5Kg
Power Consumption MU : 60W , HU : 110W , RU : 18W
Antenna Type Built-in Patch Antenna, ≥ 6 dBi

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