Partner Application

HFR Partners Link Program In HFR we support partners to conduct technology development and customer sales more effectively in a new communication environment,
in line with the rise of the next-generation networking platform represented by cloud, big data, and SDN (Software Defined Networks).
Channel Partner
HFR also support solutions and service providers, alliance partners and resellers who are committed to providing innovative services to our customers.
We welcome collaborations with multiple partners who can proactively build relationships with customers through multiple business models and co-develop business opportunities.

HFR provides differentiated content such as the latest sales tools and training to our partners according to the market entry model. In addition, HFR will share presentation materials for customer development, internal analysis materials, solutions and sales guides, etc., after the partial screening. By applying as a channel partner, please take advantage of our various benefits such as training necessary for business development, marketing know-how, and dedicated technical support.

Development Partner
As the communication environment develops into a packet-based infrastructure, communication services are also evolving into a form where many services interact with each other.
In order to respond flexibly and efficiently to the high demands of customers, joint response and development with various development partners ranging from hardware to software are emerging as crucial competitive factors.

We operate a program accordingly to strengthen the capabilities of technical partners related to product development, support marketing, and share some of the developer resources.
If your company joins us in the Development Partner Program, HFR will provide your business with the latest training contents for our product-specific partner support and related fields. Regarding the application, HFR will respond to the service provided after undergoing a qualification screening as a development partner.