G.fast CPE HA124D
G.fast Uplink
GE LAN ports


G.fast is a new technology based on VDSL2 that uses telephone lines to support Internet service up to 100Mbps. Some old buildings are not able to use Giga Internet access service, due to deployed cable infrastructure or lack of lines.


G.fast can provide current state Giga Internet access service even without extra optic cables or newly added UTP cables. HA124D is a G.fast CPE and gigabit wired terminal. It is installed in the customer premises. HA124D provides gigabit 4 ports LAN and 1 port WAN interface supporting 1Gbps speed as well as NAT function for network sharing, IP address sharing and transmission speed of 1Gbps in 1-Pair line environment. It supports optimal networking in any environment, enabling fast and stable data transmission.

HA124D is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Broadband Access


    • ITU-T G.9700, G.9701 Compliant
    • WAN: 1 x G.fast (RJ-11) port
    • LAN: 4 x 10 / 100 / 1000BASE-T (RJ-45) ports
    • POTS: 1 x POTS (RJ-11) port

G.fast CPE HA124D Applications


Parameter HA124D
Platform ITU-T G.9700, G.9701 Compliant G.fast Profile : 106a, 212a Self-FEXT cancellation (Vectoring) On-line Reconfiguration (bit-swap, SRA, FRA) Retransmission Function Flexible downlink / uplink bit rate ratio
Layer 2 Bridge Mode IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Storm Control, MAC Limit, Jumbo-Frame 1K MAC address table 4K VLAN ID entries
DHCP DHCP server, client DHCP option 82
QoS DSCP / 802.1p marking / remarking Queue scheduling (SPQ, WFQ, SPQ+WFQ) Ingress / Egress rate control Class of Service, 4 Queues per port MAC flood guard
Multicast IGMPv2 / v3 (option) IGMP Snooping IGMP Fast leave IGMP Join / Leave suppression IGMP Proxy 64 multicast groups
Management & Security NetBeui, NetBios, NBT filtering ARP spoofing, MAC / Packet filter DLF / Broadcast Storm Control SNMPv1 / v2 SSH, Port mirroring, NTP, Remote syslog L2 / L3 / L4 based ACL Self-loop detection Remote OS upgrade

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