5G-PON mRN/cRN Remote passive node: main remote node (mRN), cell site remote node (CRN)


  • Passive Node (Non-Powered)
  • Main Remote Node(mRN) with CWDM Multiplexing Unit
  • Cell Remote Node(cRN) with DWDM Multiplexing Unit
  • Configures Passive Optic Network (PON) with mRN and cRN
5G-PON mRN/cRN is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Mobile Access


Parameter 5G-PON mRN/cRN
Dimension 19” 438 x 240 x 44.4 mm(MUX)
Composition Shelf, FAN, MCU, TDRU, MSRM, MUX, ETU4H Unit, MXC, mRN, cRN, T-SFP
Channels Up to 8 Channels
Supportability CPRI Interface (Op.8), Ethernet(10Gbps)
Optic Connectors SFP (LC/PC), MXC (LC/APC), COT/RN Line (SC/APC)
Power input -48 DC / +24 DC , (Utilizies Redundant Power inputs)

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