Welfare Benefits

  • Welfare benefits

    Annual comprehensive medical checkup

    Monetary support in order to congratulate and send condolences in various events

    Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and holiday gifts

    Supports Self-development activity (expenses)

    Monetary support for meals and family month

    Housing expense support (Loan)

    Long-term employee reward

    Runs various in-house activity clubs

  • Short-term incentives

    Provides incentives to drive short-term performance boosts
    (Annual Based Pay Incentive)

    Focus on motivating each individual so that organizational competencies can be focused on achieving corporate management goals by linking organizational performance and individual performance

    Volatility (At risk) : High risk, High return, Profit

  • Group incentives

    Collective compensation for company performance

    Motivation to improve company-wide performance and strengthen teamwork"

  • Basic Salary

    Guaranteed Pay

    Basic elements of wage competitiveness as a basis of compensation

    Job value reflection: Size of job/role responsibility

    Compensation for the intrinsic value of individual members: job
    Competency of the performer, etc.

    Differentiated base salary increase rate according to performance and contribution

    Focus on expanding job roles and developing competency of job performers