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Project Title Development of the cost effective quantum cryptography network device for access network
Term 2014 ~ 2019 Funding Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Target Commercialization of the quantum cryptography for the perfect access network security
Key Technology Quantum key distribution for access network
High performance encryption
Overview Quantum cryptography, or quantum key distribution (QKD), offers the potential for secure cryptographic key distribution with secrecy guaranteed by quantum mechanics. Much of the research on practical QKD systems has focused on extending the transmission distance of both point-to-point optical fiber and free-space optical links, with the goal of establishing the networks for secure key exchange and management. Up to now, comparatively less attention has been given to the problem of developing QKD for the access networks that would be required to link end-users to these secure network infrastructures. In principle, a wide range of access network topologies are feasible for QKD, but it is highly likely that standardized schemes developed primarily with the needs of conventional high speed communications will ultimately provide the lowest cost and hence most practical solutions. Our R&D focus on QKD over passive optical access networks, which is an enabling technology required to cost efficiently deploy practical quantum encrypted data communication in the access area. We study different methods to integrate QKD systems in conventional optical access networks and quantitatively evaluate their suitability for a potential implementation.

ž   Development of multi-qubit QKD protocol 

ž   demonstration of QKD on a multi-user passive optical network (PON) with simultaneous,

   bidirectional 10Gb/s classical channel transmission 



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