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Optical Transport System


Carrier Ethernet Switch model : HA-805


Affordable and Seamless 1G/10G Carrier Grade Ethernet Demarcation for Ethernet WAN and Wireless Mobile Backhaul 

The HFR HA-805 is a cost effective, multiservice, carrier-grade compact device  

designed to deliver Carrier Ethernet services in support of enterprise business and wireless mobile backhaul service applications. With its small form factor (table top or wall mount), low power, and temperature resilient, fanless design, the HA-805 can be installed at wireless towers (outdoor ready) or customer premises to address space and power challenges, deliver high performance and scalable services, and reduce operational costs.

Standards-Based Multiservice Delivery
Designed to support Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications, the HA-805
delivers Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line , Ethernet LAN,
Ethernet Access, and Ethernet Tree connectivity in linear and ring
topologies for high capacity business and mobile backhaul 4G services. 

Service Level Provisioning, Monitoring and Management
Graphical user interfaces based upon SNMP are available to provide solutions
management view: the individual node; the end-to-end network; and the deployed services. 

With dedicated hardware for traffic performance
monitoring, the HA-805 delivers on today’s requirement for hardware based
Y.1731 latency, delay variation and frame loss ratio measurements. Tiered Ethernet
services as well as wireless backhaul service level performance may
also be monitored through the web-based SLA portal.  

Major Functions

Key Features

In spite of its compact form factor and low power, the HA-805 packs a broad range of Ethernet Service access features, including demarcation, classification, traffic management, prioritization, synchronization, and service inter-working, with up to 40 Gbps of switching capability. Network resiliency is provided for Ethernet services with G.8032v2. 

- Four ports with SFP/SFP+ port flexibility
- Compact, low power, and temperature-resiliant unit ready for tower or CPE deployment, delivering high performance and reducing operational cost
- Standards-based MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliance
- Broad support of Ethernet services provides an affordable and seamless path to high-capacity business Ethernet and wireless 4G services
- Synchronization source derived from Synchronous Ethernet interfaces or 1588v2 Ordinary Clock (Slave Clock)
- System clock meets the accuracy, stability, and holdover specifications required for stratum 3 timing (G.813)
- Carrier-grade platform with low latency and highly reliable service delivery with sub-50ms Ethernet Ring Protection (G.8032v2)
- Deep Fault and Performance Management with Y.1731, embedded RFC2544, Y.1564 SAT, and CIR/EIR utilization per EVC/UNI for Customer SLA Portal access

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TEL: 82-31-712-7768 

Contact person: Rei Choi 

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140613_(HFR) 805 (DS) 

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