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G-PON ONU model : H5224G

The H5224G is a cost-effective, single-board gigabit Ethernet switch designed for customer premises.
Major Functions

The H5224G is a cost-effective, single-board gigabit Ethernet switch designed for customer premises. The unit provides 24 ports of 100/500/1000Base-TX interfaces with RJ-45 connectors, and includes two slots for optional uplink modules.

The H5224G provides efficient traffic aggregation, and performs serveral functions, including QoS, multicast, and security. It can also serve as a suitable solution for multimedia broadband service, IPTV, VoD, and others.

The H5224G features a non-blocking architecture and interfaces that provide wire-speed and full-duplex packet traffic on all ports. It supports uplink interface units of the following types: 1000 Base-X (SFP), 1000 Base-T, and 1-port modular G-PON. Each uplink module can be inserted into one of the two front slots. The MGMT and console interfaces for equipment management via remote access and CLU are located on the front panel. Each interface includes embedded LEDs, LNK/ACT (MGMT) and TX/RX (console). 

The H5224G can support 500 Mbps Ethernet speed in an installation using two pairs of category 5 cable. 

Key Features

High Performance
The H5224G delivers 56 Gbps switching capacity with 41 Mpps throughput. It supports enhanced Quality of Service(QoS) features to ensure that network traffic is optimally classified, prioritized, and efficiently handled for multimedia and time-sensitive applications. 


Flexible Service Scenario
The H5224G can be used for various applications as a gigabit Ethernet (layer 2) switch as well as a G-PON ONU. The PON service consists of an optical line terminal (OLT),  optical network unit (ONU), and a passive optical splitter. The OLT is located in the central office, and it connects to the ONU via an fiber and optical splitter. 


500 Mbps for 2 pairs UTP
The H5224G can supports 500 Mbps Ethernet speed in an environment using two pairs of category 5 cable. The data rate (10/100/500/1000 Mbps) is detected automatically. 


Traffic Monitoring
A traffic analyzer application allows the operator to monitor network traffic on a specific port and perform traffic management, monitoring, and analysis. 

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