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FTTx System


G-PON OLT model : HT7004G

The T7004G is a compact G-PON system that can accommodate up to 4 G-PON OLT ports.
Major Functions

To satisfy customer need for better internet service, the subscriber network has become very sophisticated and its structure has become complex. Customers are demanding services that offer more than high-speed internet services; they are demanding Triple Play Service (TPS) that integrates internet, TV, and telephone services.

Service providers must be equipped with the technology to satisfy this demand. Fiber networks are actively being deployed to meet the requirements of Fiber to the x (FTTx). HFR's FTTx system is compliant with the ITU-T G.984 standard and comprises both the OLT and ONU/ONT components.

Between the OLT and ONU/ONT, there is no equipment apart from fiber cables and Remote Nodes (RN) which act as passive fiber distributors. Each GPON OLT port, connected to 64 cables at a RN, can support 64 ONUs. Each port has a fast data rate of 2.488 Gbps in the downstream direction and 1.244 Gbps in the upstream direction. (By comparison, EPON supports a 1 Gbps upstream/downstream data rate and can connect to a maximum of 32 cables).

Key Features

- Supports up to 4 G-PON OLT ports 

- Supports 64 ONU per OLT channel 

- Provides up to 4 ports of GE uplinks 

- Full Layer 3 function provided
- Redundant Power Supply Units
- Easy to install due to compact size
- Cost-effective at thinly populated regions

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