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Mobile Fronthaul

The flexiHaul product line is a cost-effective, highly flexible, and scalable family of transport units that
delivers a broad range of fronthaul and backhaul services on a single platform via CWDM/DWDM over
dark fiber.

These units are specifically designed to support cloud radio access networks (C-RAN) development for
4G and beyond. FlexiHaul products can serve as the optical transport system for a C-RAN structure composed
of BBU hotels, central offices and various types of remote cells, such as macros, indoor and outdoor
small cells, and RRHs. FlexiHaul products can also be used in backhaul applications to provide G-PON, GigE, STM1,
and E1 over dark fiber.

Mobile Fronthaul images

Mobile Fronthaul images

One of the most exciting and useful features of the flexiHaul line is its pay-as-you-grow architecture.
The customer can choose from a range of plug-in service cards and flexible multiplexing abilities to
customize the unit to the exact configurations and services. In addition, a full set of EMS functions,
including fault management, performance management, configuration management, and security
management are built into the flexiHaul units, allowing the customer to monitor system performance
all the way through the network. Tools for traffic provisioning are also included.

The flexiHaul units have service interfaces that allow for both maximum flexibility and easy operation
and maintenance. Various network topologies, such as P2P, MP2MP, chain, and ring are supported
with line protection.

The current product line consists of the following compact models: HSN-8500, HSN-8300, HSN-8100,
and the HSN-8110, an outdoor-type unit. The HSN-8500 and HSN-8300 units are typically deployed as
aggregators in BBU hotels or central offices, while the HSN-8100 and HSN-8110 are deployed near RRHs
or access points.
HSN-8300 has a dual purpose: it can be used as a remote terminal (RT) for the HSN-8500 aggregator or
as an aggregator/central office terminal (COT) for the HSN-8100 and HSN-8110 remote units.

  • CPRI/OBSAI fronthaul interface in C-RAN architecture between BBU and RRHs
  • Ethernet backhaul interface for distributed RAN architecture
  • TDM backhaul interface for 2G BTS
  • G-PON backhaul for small cell such as Femto and Wi-Fi
  • Wavelength switching, grooming and aggregation

  • CPRI (option 3, 4, 5, 6), OBSAI (3.072, 6.144 Gbps), G-PON, GbE, E1, STM-1
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Cost-effective, compact 1U, 3U, and 5U platforms
  • Pole-mounted outdoor platform
  • Supports 1 or 2 rings
  • Up to 60 CPRI channels per ring over a single strand of fiber
  • Up to 4 nodes support per ring
  • 4 x CPRI muxing into a 10 Gbps line
  • CPRI delay (one-way): transponder < 2 ㎲, muxponder < 3 ㎲
  • Line protection less than 50 ms
  • Topology: P2P, MP2MP, tree, ring, chain

  • High scalability
  • Plug-in architecture: any module in any slot

  • Local/remote logical loopbacks
  • Connectivity, signal level, delay, distance measurement
  • Alarms, statistics, performance monitoring
  • Remote management via optical supervisor channel (OSC)
  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • HFR's Global References
Mobile Fronthaul images

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