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Partners Link

Welcome to the HFR Partner Link designed to help our partners connect essential sales tools
and technology database in order to succeed.

HFR Partner Link
  • HFR’s global Channel Reseller Partners (Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels)
  • HFR’s Technology Partners who jointly develop solution and offer technology licensing with our
  • Engineering Partners who technically wants to learn a real word use case of Korea
Channel Reseller Partners
If you're interested in partnering with HFR as a Channel Reseller Partner, apply now ! The level
(Bronze, Silver, and Gold) will be determined by the HFR Management Team based on the information
you provide in the registration form.
Technology Partners
We welcome that competent global partners with specific tech-based capability offer a joint R&D or
technology transfer collaboration to develop a new business opportunity. Partner with HFR for technology
collaboration, please contact!
Engineering Partners
Engineering partners will gain access to our internal technical database which includes technical
documents, educational materials, and product datasheets. You will also have real world reference case
of Korea by email, conference calls, and intelligence meeting with us.

For any questions about our partner program, please email us.

The application process

STEP 1. Request to Join

관심고객 가입신청양식

Consent to Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

  • 1. Collection and Use: Email
  • 2. Purpose of collection and use
  • 2-1. ID, Password
    - Personal identifying information
  • 2-2. Email
    - Check the certification process, deliver the notice
  • 3. Period of keeping and using the information
    The personal information will be kept and used for the foregoing purpose of use from the date of consent to collection and use of the information to the termination date of the concerned financial transactions: provided, however, after the termination date of the financial transactions, such information will be kept only for the purpose of investigation of financial incidents, resolution of disputes, handling of complaints and performance of statutory obligations.

Request to Join

관심고객 가입신청 양식
Check the ID Availability

Please do not use easy word combination and use the combination of alphabets,
numbers and special characters.

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