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Title HFR’s 5G-PON at OFC 2018
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HFR has been taken part in OFC 2018 and OIDA 2018 Forum with SKT, who is a major partner of HFR and No.1 mobile operator in Korea.


OFC and OIDA Forum are the world class event that provides a unique global showcase of market direction and Roadmap across the networking and communications with more than 265 vendors.

Through the open discussion of networking business leaders, they are trying to solve the current business challenges.

Companies and industry participants from around the globe convened at OFC 2018 to discuss, demonstrate, and share feedback on optical technology that will shape the growth of networking. Topics included using AI to manage and control networks, the impact of 5G networking across the supply chain, and what innovations are allowing the network to keep pace with the spectacular growth of cloud computing and services.



During OIDA Executive Forum, SKT participated as a Perspective from Asia Panel of Optical Networking session with Huawei and NTT, China Unicom. And SKT released and presented the 5G-PON solution for 5G Readiness for Transmission Networks.

It has been expanding the global publicity for 5G-PON through MWC 2018, OFC 2018 and OIDA Executive Forum, the major networking and communications industry and adjacent sectors draw attention to 5G-PON.

During this OFC 2018 and OIDA Executive Forum, HFR has been checked the development status of 10G Tunable SFP for the essential part of 5G-PON with SKT and agreed to reinforce the mutual cooperation for the rapid commercialization of 5G service.



HFR has been a biggest vendor of Fronthaul N/W solutions in SKT, such as RingMux(LTE) and 5G-PON, since 2010.

HFR will contribute to a better solution for 5G Fronthaul Network.





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