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Ethical Management

Definition of Ethical Management

Ethical behavior is an essential part of healthy management. From a management perspective,
behaving ethically is an integral part of long-term career success. With wide access to our customer
information, we must act in the right way in the modern business world. Our company's decisions
and actions take into consideration legal economic responsibilities and reflect the ethical
standards of society.

Pyramid of Ethics in management
  • Be a good corporate citizen
  • Properly share profits with the
  • Meet society´s ethical standards
  • Obey the law respecting domestic
    and international laws
  • Be profitable, creating profits to
    ensure a company's sustainability

Code of Ethical Management

"In its 'Management Philosophy', the Board of Directors has set HFR, Inc. a series of business
policies that includes

a) respecting the order of a free competitive market and fair competition principles,
b) management by following the highest level of ethics and business criteria in every field of industy,
c) maximizing the level of value of our corporation as well as pursuing mutual prosperity of
HFR's stockholders.

Every single employee of HFR, therefore, promises to sustain our established Management Philosophy
through rational value judgements based on our high standards and principles."

Ethical Norms

  • We value our customers and their
    satisfaction and their trust the most.
  • We do our best to maximize the
    investment value of our shareholders
    and investors.
  • We respect the dignity of our staff
    and endeavour to improve his/her
    quality of life.
  • We pursue mutual prosperity and trust
    with our business partners.
  • We respect the principles of free
    competition and strive to make our
    industry healthy and robust.
  • We actively contribute to the healthy
    growth of our nation and society as
    well as sustaining its environment.
  • We share the concept of our Management
    Philosophy and the roles and
    responsibilities it establishes.

Consultation / Reporting

e-mail : resonant@hfrnet.com

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