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About HFR

Specialist in Optical and Radio Networking Technologies
HFR, together with its affiliates, has been providing products and services for fifteen years to key players in the Korean telecom market. HFR is a leading provider of network infrastructure equipment and services for carriers, enterprises and data centers.

We offer simple, easy-to-use, high performance and cost-effective solutions that meet the specific demands of the customers. Our technological leadership is based on innovative optical and radio networking technology, and on our deep and focused experience in these markets.

HFR has repositioned its company as a specialist in optical and radio networking as well as in broadband access. In this way, HFR has contributed to some of the major technological advances in recent years in mobile fronthaul and packet transport, including FTTx and ethernet-over-copper solutions.

Telecom service providers need to explore innovative products and technologies while maintaining existing revenue streams. It's a fast-moving environment, and new competitors will shake up the market and force traditional companies to react. It is critical that service providers quickly understand their customer desires, adapt current business models and swiftly roll-out new services. HFR has made significant progress in helping telecom service providers improve competitiveness, both in terms of profitability and innovation.
Strategy and Focus Areas
HFR focus continues to be on our three foundational priorities:
Leadership in our core business (mobile fronthaul and packet transport utilizing fiber and copper)
Design of products for next generation networks
HFR believes that focusing on these priorities best positions us to continue to expand our share of customers' information technology spending.
Technical Competencies
Our highly skilled R&D professional workforce at HFR is the powerful engine that delivers innovations that
keep our customers ahead. HFR continues to be committed to innovation and leadership in technologies, and
to respond our customers' demands for reliable quality service.
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