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HFR's Green supply policy

Mission Statement:
value creation with ecofriendly development of products.

As environment regulations are globally extended and strengthened, We give our utmost efforts to keep any hazardous environmental-effect-elements from all the products built and merchandised by HFR, INC. Acknowledging that environment preservation is our basic duty to protect human beings and natural abundance, we aim to take initiative roles in having regard for human lives and fostering pleasant livelihood. In the pursuit of such goals, we pursue an ecofriendly production policy and fulfill internal principles of product-environment development as shown below.

First, we apply product-environment regulations, including EU RoHS and REACH, to all procedures from design phase to product release and build HSF (Hazardous Substance Free) products.
Second, we abide by legal regulations relevant to domestic and international product-environment regulations and other client requirements.
Third, we conduct hazardous substance management on global standard level and cope more actively with product-environment regulations.
Fourth, we educate all employees upon how to cope with product-environment regulations by systematic approaches. All employees fully acknowledge and fulfill each of their own responsibilities and roles.
Fifth, we provide Green Supply System to manage suppliers effectively and support provision of HSF (Hazardous Substance Free) components by ongoing trainings.

We commit these five internal principles as our ecofriendly production policy, are fulfilled by action, and are implemented with our best efforts.

CEO Jong-Min Cheong, PH.D.

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