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We will exert our best to maximize
customer satisfaction

Welcome to HFR

HFR has been growing as a key company in the IT industry in South Korea - an IT-powered nation.
HFR has continuously devised ways to advance amid the rapidly changing environment of the IT
industry, faster than any other telecommunication firm in the world. From the broadcasting
transmission device to the multimedia solution, HFR continues to be a leader of next generation
services in every part of the telecommunication market.

As a leading IT firm, HFR's goal is to "Create Resonant Networking", facilitating ideal information
exchange people to people, people to device, and device to device.
The "human" comes first in HFR's vision of providing the best technologies and
innovative services for our customers.

Our aim is to continually deliver new ideas and innovations to our customers,
and to be a long-lived company who fulfills its social responsibility. In view of the enormous trust and
encouragement rendered by our customers, HFR's directors and staff are committed to achieve
success and share that success with our clients and society.

CEO Jong-Min Cheong, PH.D.

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